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Healthcare in Drumchapel: Located in the heart of Drumchapel, Garscadden Burn Medical Practice is an essential health center providing medical care to residents of this suburb of Glasgow. Serving over 5,000 patients, this practice offers a wide range of general practitioner services, including diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, management of chronic conditions, referrals to specialists, and preventative care.

With a team of experienced GPs, nurses, healthcare assistants, and administrative staff, Garscadden Burn Medical Practice provides compassionate, patient-centered care to the community. This extensive article will give you an in-depth look at everything you need to know about this vital community medical practice, from the services offered to access appointments to patient experiences.

Room of Healthcare in Drumchapel

A Brief Overview of Garscadden Burn Medical Practice: Healthcare in Drumchapel

coredor of health care

Garscadden Burn Medical Practice is a National Health Service (NHS) general practice located in Drumchapel, Glasgow, providing the information you need.

The doctor’s office helps people in the local community with different health services. This includes talking to doctors, getting help from nurses, managing long-term health issues, and doing things to keep you healthy. The practice also helps train new doctors.

The doctor’s office helps people in the local area with different health services. This includes talking to doctors, getting help from nurses, managing long-term health issues, and doing things to keep you healthy. Many people want to learn from them, so they also train new doctors.

Helpful Details About the Medical Practice: Healthcare in Drumchapel

Garscadden Burn Medical Practice is located at:

Kinfauns Centre 144 Garscadden Road, Drumchapel, Glasgow, G15 7UA

The main practice telephone number is 0141 211 1441.

To maximize the benefits of our extended hours, the practice closes for staff training every Wednesday from 12:30 p.m. onwards.

Patients can book appointments in person at reception, by telephone, or online through the practice website. Please consider these options for your convenience. You can schedule routine appointments with a GP for 10 minutes, either in advance or on the day. Urgent on-the-day appointments are also available every morning at 8:30 a.m. Note that home visits can be requested by contacting the practice before 10 a.m., particularly if you have recently traveled.

The practice website at provides full details about services, opening times, making an appointment, ordering prescriptions, and how to register as a patient.

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An Introduction to the GPs and Medical Staff: Healthcare in Drumchapel

Dr's and nurses in photoshot

At Garscadden Burn Medical Practice, there is a group of kind doctors, nurses, helpers, and people who work in the office. They are here to take care of everyone and make sure everyone gets good help, especially if you need to see a doctor for a check-up. The GPs leading the practice are:

  • Dr Laura White, MBChB
  • Dr Gillian Dunwoodie, MBChB

They actively receive support from a team of regular locum GPs.

The nursing team has practice nurses and healthcare assistants. They help with health checks, immunizations, phlebotomies, wound care, and more. They are here to assist people who may not be feeling well.

Reception and administrative staff play a key role in the smooth running of the practice on a day-to-day basis. They provide a welcoming face for patients and direct them to the appropriate service or healthcare professional.

Healthcare in Drumchapel: Range of Medical Services Offered

Dr advices to nurse about patient

As a doctor’s officer in the NHS, Garscadden Burn Medical Practice helps people in the community with many types of health services. This includes:

Ongoing care for long-term conditions like diabetes, asthma, COPD, and heart disease

  • Women’s health services, including cervical smears, contraceptive services, and menopause advice
  • Child health and immunization, developmental reviews
  • Sexual health testing and advice
  • Minor surgery and joint injections
  • Travel health advice and vaccinations
  • NHS health checks for those aged 40–74
  • Smoking cessation advice
  • Blood tests, ECGs, and spirometry

The nurses at the practice do important things to keep you healthy. They help with shots, health checks, and drawing blood. Supporting Patient Health and Well-being

Promoting health, well-being, and preventative care is a priority for Garscadden Burn Medical Practice. As well as core medical services, the practice provides a range of initiatives to support community health:

  • Alcohol and drug misuse support
  • Mental health review and counseling services
  • Weight management and dietary advice
  • Self-care and patient education resources
  • Social prescribing to access community services
  • Flu vaccinations and health screening programs

The doctor’s office promises to help everyone without judging. They will give you advice and take care of you in a nice and understanding way. Delighted to announce that patient education and empowerment are key.

Healthcare in Drumchapel: Registering as a New Patient

Dr writing prescription in Healthcare in Drumchapel

Anyone who lives in the area near the doctor’s office can sign up to be a patient at Garscadden Burn Medical Practice. You do not need to leave home for any length of time.

Signing up is fast and simple – just fill out the forms you can get at the front desk or on the website. After that, you can schedule a health check with the nurse. Please note that you can stay indoors while completing the registration process. You will need to provide proof of address and ID.

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Once you register, the practice will assign you a named, accountable GP, but you can choose to see any GP in the practice. Sometimes, the online services may not work because we are making them better. This includes booking appointments, asking for medical information, and looking at your health information. We are upgrading the computer system to make it work even better. Additionally, we will close the online services on Wednesday, November 1st.

Helpful Information for Visiting the Medical Practice

Here are some key points to know for any patients visiting Garscadden Burn Medical Practice:

  • Free parking is available outside the health center
  • Wheelchair access is available to consulting rooms.
  • The hearing loop has been installed; please ask at reception.
  • Interpreting services are available; please ask when booking an appointment. Edit: Ensure you inquire about these services when scheduling your appointment.
  • Baby changing and breastfeeding facilities
  • Accepting new patients, visit reception to join the practice.
  • Multiple pharmacies nearby to collect medication
  • A photo ID is required when collecting prescriptions

Urgent Medical Care When the Practice is Closed

A senior doctor in Drumchapel Healthcare

When the practice is closed during the out-of-hours period from 6:30 p.m. to 8 a.m., urgent medical care is still available by contacting NHS 24 on 111. Additionally, for information on local screening programs, you can call 0141 800 during regular hours.

NHS 24 can provide medical advice or direct you to urgent care services like primary care emergency centers or out-of-hours GPs if required. For a detailed description of critical emergencies, only call 999.

We provide information on out-of-hours services on the practice website and answerphone, no matter what you think.

Recent Developments and Improvements at the Practice

Garscadden Burn Medical Practice continually strives to improve its services and premises to provide the best quality care. Recent changes include:

  • Launch of online services for booking appointments and ordering prescriptions
  • Refurbishment of the waiting area and increased seating capacity
  • Additional consulting rooms were created, and a physiotherapy clinic was on site.
  • Extended opening hours on Mondays and Tuesdays until 8 pm
  • Advanced nurse practitioner appointed to support urgent care
  • A new telephone system was installed with a call-queuing facility

The practice always welcomes feedback and suggestions from patients on how they can enhance and improve services.

Key NHS Policies Patients Should Know

Inform patients at Garscadden Burn Medical Practice about some key NHS policies and procedures.

  • Zero-tolerance policy: aggressive or abusive behavior will not be tolerated. Patients may be removed from the practice list.
  • Confidentiality – We will not share patient information without consent unless there is a serious risk of harm.
  • Chaperones – Available on request during intimate examinations.
  • Accessibility – Hearing loops and interpreting services are available on request.
  • Prescription order – 2 working days’ notice required. Please allow time for collection.
  • Test results – Patients will be contacted if follow up needed. Results take 5-7 days.
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Full details on NHS policies and patient rights are on the practice website.

Responding to COVID-19 Pandemic

The practice has implemented significant changes during the COVID-19 pandemic to protect patients and staff:

  • Social distancing measures in the waiting room
  • Face masks must be worn in practice
  • Increased cleaning regimes and hand hygiene facilities
  • Touchscreen check-in out of use – please book appointments
  • Telephone triage prior to seeing GP where possible
  • Online and telephone consultations are offered.

Patients with COVID symptoms, relevant travel history, or those meant to be self-isolated should not attend. Please call 111 for advice.


a dr visulaize XRAY

Garscadden Burn Medical Practice, part of NHS Scotland, stands out as an excellent choice for your healthcare needs. With services offered free at the point of access, the practice boasts highly trained GPs and nurses, providing a wide range of medical services. Emphasizing preventative care and health promotion, the practice has garnered excellent reviews and recommendations from patients.

Noteworthy investments in premises and technology showcase a commitment to continuous improvement. This practice prioritizes accessible, patient-centered, and non-judgmental care, responding to the unique needs of the Drumchapel community. Our helpful and welcoming staff continually evolve to provide the best possible care, making Garscadden Burn Medical Practice a trusted and recommended healthcare resource in the local area.


Q: What health services are available in Drumchapel?

A: Drumchapel has a health center, pharmacy, dental clinic, and social work services. There is also a minor injuries unit at Drumchapel Hospital.

Q: Is there a GP surgery in Drumchapel?

A: Yes, there are a few GP surgeries located throughout Drumchapel providing general medical services.

Q: What mental health services are offered in Drumchapel?

A: Drumchapel has counseling services, crisis support, and access to psychiatry through the local health center or hospital.

Q: Does Drumchapel have good access to emergency care?

A: There is a 24-hour minor injuries unit at Drumchapel Hospital for urgent care needs. The nearest A&E is at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

Q: Are there any initiatives to improve healthcare in Drumchapel?

A: Local programs exist to promote health through lifestyle changes. There are also efforts to enhance mental health support and access to addiction services.

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