The Cutest Yoga Class in Manchester – Our Guide to Puppy Yoga

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Have you ever wanted to practice yoga while being surrounded by puppies? If so, you’re going to love Puppy yoga! Offering the perfect combination of gentle yoga and puppy playtime, puppy yoga classes are taking Manchester by storm.

In this ultimate guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Manchester’s exciting new fitness craze. Discover why you need to book a yoga session ASAP and immerse yourself in an hour of complete happiness and relaxation while being surrounded by the cutest litter of puppies!

A Girl with Puppy doing puppy yoga


Why Puppy Yoga is the Best Kind of Twist

Yoga and puppies – what could be better? Manchester has fully embraced the yoga trend, with studios popping up across the city. But puppy yoga offers something truly unique.

Puppy yoga gives you the chance to enhance your yoga practice with free-roaming puppy cuddles! You’ll get more puppy cuddling than yoga, creating the perfect feel-good experience.

Studies show that just 15-30 minutes of playtime with a puppy boosts oxytocin and serotonin levels. These hormones reduce stress and anxiety while boosting joy. What better way to release endorphins than by combining yoga’s zen with the boundless energy of puppies?

Sessions consist of 30 minutes of gentle yoga in a relaxing environment and 30 minutes of puppy playtime. The best part? The puppies roam free to interact with you as much as they like during yoga!

With professional yoga instructors and the cutest litters of puppies, puppy yoga offers an unbeatably heart-warming class. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Manchester’s exciting new fitness and wellbeing trend.

A Truly Pawsome Experience – What To Expect From Puppy Yoga

From the moment you arrive, you’ll be immersed in cuteness overload. Our classes take place at a fully equipped yoga studio based in Manchester city center.

The one-hour-long class consists of 30 minutes of gentle yoga and 30 minutes of puppy playtime. Don’t worry; the puppies won’t be joining in with your downward dogs and warriors! During the yoga portion, the puppies are free to roam, cuddle, and interact with you as much as they like.

Our experienced yoga instructors will guide you through gentle poses and times. At your feet, a litter of adorable puppies will be playing, nuzzling your toes and bringing endless smiles.

Then, after 30 relaxing minutes, the yoga portion wraps up. Time to get down on the mats for uninterrupted puppy cuddles!

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This is your chance to fully immerse yourself in puppy love. You’ll get to pet, play and socialize with the litter while improving your overall wellbeing. We find the 30 minutes of puppy playtime is the real highlight for most of our customers!

Don’t expect advanced yoga – puppy yoga is gentle, restorative, and perfect for all levels. And don’t worry about the puppies distracting your practice. Their interaction makes each session unique – and you’ll be surprised how their presence enhances your overall mindfulness.

two girls with puppy doing puppy yoga london

Manchester’s First Ever Puppy Yoga Classes

Manchester has fully embraced quirky fitness classes, but puppy yoga was missing. So, in 2022, we decided to curate Manchester’s first-ever puppy yoga classes.

When scouting for venues, we knew the studio had to be welcoming, spacious, and relaxing. Our light and tranquil yoga studio in the city center creates the perfect backdrop for puppy yoga sessions.

Next, we carefully selected accredited yoga instructors passionate about wellness. Their friendly guidance makes sessions suitable for all abilities while keeping things gentle.

Finally, we collaborated with trusted, ethical breeders to source the litters. Our puppy yoga classes are limited to one litter per session with full breaks in between. All of our puppies come from loving family homes and return there after classes.

We’re proud to offer Manchester’s first immersive puppy yoga experience. With rave reviews across Tripadvisor, Facebook, and Google, our classes are booking up fast. Check out our customers’ reactions:

“The class was fab – the puppies really added an extra element to the yoga practice! I left feeling super relaxed yet energised…with a huge smile on my face!”

“Came here last week for my first ever puppy yoga class – I’m already hooked and can’t wait to come back! Being surrounded by gorgeous cockapoo puppies is pure joy.”

Keep reading to find a puppy yoga class, and book your tickets today!

Why Puppy Yoga is the Perfect Balance

Yes, we know what you’re thinking – how can I possibly focus on yoga with puppies around? We thought the same, but puppy yoga offers the perfect balance between relaxation and fun.

During the gentle yoga portion, the puppies quietly padding around actually enhances your zen. Their soothing presence creates a calm, comforting environment. And when you feel a soft nuzzle or puppy kiss mid-pose? Bliss!

The best part of the experience lies in the fact that the puppies roam freely in the studio, interacting and snuggling up as much as they please. You’ll find delight in their curiosity as they explore.

Then, for the final 30 minutes, you’ll get to fully appreciate puppy love. As your energy rises from the yoga portion, you’ll feel playful and ready for non-stop cuddles!

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Rather than being distracted, the puppies create a unique experience that’s both heart-warming and great for your well-being. Their presence lifts your mood and motivation while adding an element of excitement.

So don’t miss out on the uplifting combination of yoga followed by puppy play. Book your Manchester yoga session today!

Puppy on girl in puppy pose

The Benefits of Bonding With Puppies

Playing with puppies doesn’t just feel good – it provides amazing benefits for your mind and body. Here are some of the scientifically proven advantages:

  • Stress relief – Stroking a puppy for just 15-30 minutes significantly reduces the stress hormone cortisol. Puppies help you de-stress.
  • Mood boost – Time with puppies increases serotonin and oxytocin levels. These hormones boost happiness while reducing anxiety and depression.
  • Motivation – Socialising with puppies is hugely motivating and energizing. You’ll leave on a natural high!
  • Social bonding – Puppies encourage communication and friendship between participants in each session.
  • Pain relief – Interacting with animals helps your brain produce endorphins to suppress pain naturally.
  • Heart health – Playing with puppies decreases your heart rate and blood pressure to boost cardiovascular health.

As you can see, puppy yoga offers amazing whole-body benefits. Take your mindfulness to the next level with Manchester’s cutest yoga classes!

Finding Your Zen With Puppies – Booking Your Session

Ready to combine gentle yoga with bundles of puppy cuddles? Here’s everything you need to know about booking your Manchester yoga session:

Where: Our fully equipped yoga studio is based in Manchester city center, just a 5-minute walk from the nearest tram stop.

When: Puppy yoga classes run on selected weekday evenings and weekends. Browse available sessions and book online.

What to bring: Just yourself, comfy exercise clothes, and an empty bladder! Mats and other equipment are provided.

How long: Each class is one hour – 30 minutes of yoga and 30 minutes of puppy play.

Sizes: To ensure comfort for puppies and humans, we cap classes at 15 participants. Book early to secure your spot.

Tickets: £35 per person. Due to limited capacity and high demand, non-refundable tickets must be pre-booked online.

Visit our website now to browse our yoga schedule and book your tickets. Feel free to get in touch with any other questions – we look forward to welcoming you!

an old lady with puppy in ground

Start Your Happiness journey with puppy yoga!

That covers everything you need to know before attending Manchester’s most heartwarming yoga classes!

Combining the power of yoga with bundles of puppy cuddles and kisses, these classes let you immerse yourself in pure joy. Your mood and motivation will skyrocket as you bond with the puppies.

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Puppy yoga is suitable for all abilities and offers a delightfully gentle yet energizing session. Please bring your friends or make new ones in our social classes.

Don’t miss out on Manchester’s latest exciting fitness and wellbeing experience. Browse our class schedule and book your puppy yoga session now! We can’t wait to welcome you for an hour of complete happiness and relaxation while being surrounded by the cutest litter of puppies.


Puppy yoga has become a popular new fitness trend in Manchester, offering the perfect combination of gentle yoga and puppy playtime. Classes consist of 30 minutes of basic, restorative yoga followed by 30 minutes of puppy interaction and cuddles. During the yoga portion, puppies from local breeders are free to roam and nuzzle up to participants, creating a calm environment. After yoga, you get uninterrupted puppy playtime to fully immerse yourself in their loving energy.

Puppy yoga provides scientifically proven benefits like stress relief, mood enhancement, motivation, and improved cardiovascular health. The classes are suitable for all levels at a studio in Manchester city center. Tickets must be booked online in advance due to high demand. With rave reviews across social media, yoga is booking up fast, so secure your spot at one of Manchester’s most heartwarming fitness experiences.

A dog on yoga mat


What is the point of puppy yoga?

The point of puppy yoga is to combine the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of yoga with the joy and cuteness of playing with puppies. It’s meant to be a fun, lighthearted activity that reduces stress.

What do you wear to puppy yoga?

Comfortable, stretchy yoga attire like leggings and a t-shirt or tank top. Avoid loose or dangling clothes that puppies could grab. You’ll be on the floor rolling around, so dress casually.

Do you bring your puppy to puppy yoga?

Typically, no, the class provider will supply the puppies. Some may allow you to bring your own after checking with them first.

What happens to puppies after puppy yoga?

The puppies go back to their handlers or the shelter/organization they came from. They are not kept permanently for yoga classes. The puppies get breaks and nap times between classes.

Who invented puppy yoga?

The origin of puppy yoga is unclear, but it gained popularity in the last 5-10 years. Some credit Tokyo dog yoga instructor Suiko Tsuchiya for sparking the trend.

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