The Top 15 Partner Yoga Poses For Friends and Couples To Try Together

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Two People yoga poses are often seen as a solitary practice, but partner yoga allows friends, couples, and families to connect meaningfully through poses. Partner yoga builds trust, communication, and joy. By supporting each other physically and emotionally, you take your yoga practice to new heights!

In this article, we will explain the many benefits of couple yoga and walk through 15 of the best partner yoga poses for beginners to advanced yogis. Whether you are looking for a fun new workout or a way to deepen intimacy, these yoga poses for two will get you excited about sharing yoga with someone special.

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Why Try Yoga Poses with a Partner?

Practicing yoga with a partner provides unique benefits you can’t get from doing solo poses. Here are some top reasons to grab a friend or lover and strike a partner pose:

  • It’s more fun – Having someone to laugh and grow with makes yoga more enjoyable. You motivate each other.
  • Builds trust – By providing physical and emotional support, you build confidence and bond more deeply with your partner.
  • Improves communication – Following one another’s cues to get into positions requires clear communication.
  • Allows deeper stretching – Your partner can help gently guide you deeper into certain poses.
  • Fosters intimacy – Synchronizing breath and movement forms an intimate connection.
  • Ideal for beginners – Partners provide stability and balance assistance.

Partner yoga is a beautiful way to form memories that last a lifetime, whether you choose to share it with a spouse, friend, child, or fellow yoga enthusiast.

5 Best Beginner Partner Yoga Poses

Starting with simpler poses is wise if you’re new to acro yoga. Here are 5 easy partner yoga poses for yoga beginners:

  1. Back-to-Back Chair Pose – Stand back-to-back, bend your knees, and sink into a low chair. Reach arms out for balance.
  2. Assisted Forward Fold – Face your partner holding hands; one bends forward while the other stays upright to provide support. Switch.
  3. Double Tree Pose – Stand side-by-side, one foot lifted and placed on the inner standing leg for balance. Reach arm overhead.
  4. Lotus Lap Sit – Sit facing your partner with your legs intertwined in a boat pose. Reach arms around for a heart-opening hug.
  5. Partner Downward Dog – Place hands shoulder-width apart, and walk feet back into down dog together. Gently push back to back for resistance.
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Why Try Beginner Partner Yoga Poses?

Partner yoga has unique advantages beyond just your average solo asanas. Here’s why beginner partner yoga is great:

  • It’s more fun with someone else! More laughs and motivation.
  • Builds trust and understanding by relying on each other.
  • Improves communication and teamwork.
  • Allows you to stretch deeper with your partner’s help.
  • Fosters intimacy through shared movement and breath.
  • Provides stability for beginners learning new poses.
  • Creates lasting memories from a special shared experience.

Whether you partner up with your spouse, friend, child, or friendly stranger, connecting deeply through yoga is incredibly rewarding. Time to partner up!

1. Double Tree Pose

This balancing posture improves focus. Stand side-by-side. Place one hand on your partner’s shoulder for support. Shift weight to one leg, lifting the other foot onto your standing calf or thigh. Reach your free arm up alongside your ear. Hold for 5-10 breaths, then switch sides.

2. Back-to-Back Chair Pose

Stand with your backs pressed together and feet hip-width apart. Bending knees and hips, lower down into a Chair Pose together. Reach arms straight forward or out to the side. Hold for 20-30 seconds, then switch partners and repeat. Feel your partner’s energy!

3. Partner Forward Fold

Face your partner, hold hands, and inhale arms upward. As you exhale, one partner folds forward while the other remains upright to assist and deepen the stretch. Hold for 3-5 breaths. Switch roles and repeat.

4. Downward Dog with Back Support

Start side-by-side in a Table Top position. Walk feet back to Downward Facing Dog together. Press your backs together gently and engage your cores. Feel your partner’s resistance and breath. Hold for 5-10 rounds of breath, then switch sides.

5. Seated Twist with Partner

Sit facing your partner, knees bent and feet flat. Hold hands and twist your torsos to one side, using light resistance from each other. Switch sides and repeat for 2-3 breaths per side. Feel the torso stretch!

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5 Intermediate Partner Yoga Poses

Ready to balance like a pro and take things up a notch? Try these 5 intermediate partner poses:

  1. Bird of Paradise Pose – One partner holds the other steady in this one-legged balance posture. Switch legs.
  2. Dancer’s Pose with Partner Support – Hold hands for balance, standing on one leg, grabbing the other foot behind you to stretch the quad.
  3. Double Boat Pose – Sit facing your partner, lean back, lift legs, and balance on sit bones while holding hands.
  4. Partner Camel Pose – Kneel back-to-back, holding hands. Carefully bend backward using your partner for support.
  5. Handstand on Partner’s Palms – Facing away in down dog, walk your feet forward onto your partner’s hands. Lift into an inverted handstand together.
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Master These 5 Intermediate Partner Yoga Poses for Balance, Strength & Connection

Once you’ve conquered some beginner two people yoga poses and built foundational skills like communication and trust with your partner, it’s time to step it up a notch with intermediate-level poses. These partner yoga postures will challenge your balance, flexibility, and coordination together in new ways!

Mastering these 5 intermediate partner yoga poses will deepen your bond through increased teamwork and synchronicity. Your yoga practice will ascend to thrilling new heights as you accomplish these duos together!

Why Progress to Intermediate Partner Yoga Poses?

Here are some excellent reasons to advance your partner’s yoga skills beyond beginner poses:

  • Improves balance, strength, and concentration
  • Increases trust and understanding between partners
  • Allows deeper stretching with assistance from partners
  • Presents a new challenge to motivate you
  • Boosts confidence in your growing skills
  • Prepares you for more advanced partner yoga
  • Provides an impressive & inspiring goal to achieve together

The same reasons you started partner yoga, like bonding, joy, and memory, are enhanced at the intermediate level. Floating through these graceful poses promotes body awareness. Let’s get flowing!

Take Your Partner Bond to New Heights

Partner yoga allows friends and loved ones to accomplish incredible feats together through trust, communication, and support. Your deepening bond will be evident as you master these graceful postures in tandem. Here’s to continued laughter, growth, and memories with your partner!

Couple doing two people yoga poses

5 Advanced Partner Yoga Poses

Test the true limits of trust and strength with these 5 advanced partner poses:

  1. Acro Yoga Throne Pose – The base partner lies down while the flyer sits atop their pelvis, arching back into a deep, heart-opening stretch.
  2. Bird of Paradise Inversion – Similar to Bird of Paradise, but the balancing partner is now inverted while holding onto the base’s thigh.
  3. Forearm Stand on Partner’s Palms – The base of two people yoga poses the flyer’s hips as they form an inverted L shape, balancing on forearms.
  4. Double Dancer’s Pose – Perform the dancer’s pose side-by-side, holding hands and gazing at one another for added challenge.
  5. Partner Handstand – The base assists the flyer into an inverted handstand, providing support at their lower back and hips. Develops incredible trust and balance.
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Partner Yoga Tips for a Safe Practice

When trying partner yoga for the first time, implement the following tips:

  • Move slowly and communicate each step. Don’t be afraid to take breaks.
  • Avoid positions with weight directly on the neck. Progress cautiously.
  • Start with simple poses and gradually work up to more challenging ones as trust builds.
  • Practice on a surface with some cushion but also a grip. Too hard or slippery of a surface can lead to injury.
  • Make sure the base partner(s) have the strength and balance to safely support flyers.
  • Have fun with it! Smile, laugh, and be patient with one another while learning.

Finding the right partner is also key. Choose someone you trust, preferably of similar height and build. And remember, you can always modify poses to your ability level. Partner yoga is for everybody!

Partner Yoga Poses Promote Trust, Joy and Lasting Memories

As you can see, partner yoga allows friends and loved ones to deepen bonds and create memories that will be treasured forever. We hope this guide provided ideas and inspiration to partner up with your special person.

Matching breath, finding balance together, and providing physical and emotional support can form an incredible connection. So grab someone you trust and get ready to laugh, wobble, and grow on your shared yoga journey. Your practice will never be the same once you experience partner yoga!

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What is 2-person yoga called?

Two people yoga poses or do yoga.

What are some yoga poses for two people?

Doubletree pose, partner camel pose, seated twist with a partner, bird of paradise pose, and partner handstand.

What is the point of couples yoga?

It builds intimacy, trust, and connection through shared movement and breath.

What is the hardest yoga pose name?

Many consider the splits, headstand, or iron cross to be some of the most difficult yoga poses.

Which pose is the queen of yoga?

Tree pose helps improve focus, balance, and stability. It is considered a foundational pose.

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