The Ultimate Guide to the British Powerlifting Championships 2023

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The British Powerlifting Championships have a long and interesting history that began when the Powerlifting Section of the British Weightlifting Association (BWLA) was established many years ago. Over time, this event has transformed into one of the most respected powerlifting competitions in the United Kingdom. Athletes from different British universities, national bodybuilding associations, and powerlifting clubs gather at this competition to display their incredible strength and unwavering determination.

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The British Powerlifting Championships 2023: Your Ultimate Source for All Things Powerlifting!

The British Powerlifting Championships 2023 is the premier powerlifting competition in the UK and a must-follow event for powerlifting fans. Read on for the latest news, information, results, and more from this highly anticipated powerlifting meet.

The British Powerlifting Federation puts on the British Championships every year as the pinnacle event for British powerlifters. As the national governing body for the sport of powerlifting in Great Britain, the British Powerlifting Federation oversees competitions and records for British lifters.

The British Championships brings together the top athletes from across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland to compete for national titles and records. It serves as the qualifier event for international competitions like the IPF World Championships. With so much on the line, the British Championships showcases the absolute best in British powerlifting today.

When and Where Are the British Powerlifting Championships 2023?

The British Powerlifting Championships 2023 will be held from October 31st to November 1st in Birmingham, England. Over two days, British powerlifters will test their strength on the squat, bench press, and deadlift.

Birmingham will host both the Open British Championships and the Single Lift British Championships. The Open Championships will feature the full powerlifting program with all three lifts. The Single Lift Championships will have individual competitions for just the squat, bench, or deadlift.

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What Are the Latest Updates for the British Championships 2023?

As we get closer to the competition, be sure to check the British Powerlifting website and social media for the latest news and announcements regarding the British Championships 2023. This will include the final schedule, list of participating lifters, venue updates, tickets, results, and more.

British Powerlifting will also provide live streaming of the Championships again this year, allowing fans to follow the action online even if they can’t make it in person.

Who Are the Lifters to Watch at the 2023 British Championships?

With Britain’s incredible depth of talent in powerlifting, the British Championships 2023 will feature many lifters to keep an eye on. In the 83kg Open Men’s division, Michael Eagle will look to improve on his outstanding performance last year, where he totalled 820kg.

Other top women lifters to watch include Jessica Bufton in the 47kg class and Louise Mansfield in the 84 kg+ category. Both won their weight classes at the 2022 British Championships and lifted massive personal records in the process.

The Championships will also include up-and-coming teenage lifters like Tyler Smith and Alicja Lukasik who could surprise and make a name for themselves on the national stage. And veterans like all-time great Andy Davies will aim to show they still have plenty left in the tank.

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What Are the Qualifying Totals for the British Championships?

To compete at the British Powerlifting Championships, lifters must achieve qualifying totals at sanctioned competitions throughout the year. The totals ensure that only the top-level lifters make it to the British Championships.

The qualifying totals vary based on bodyweight class, age group, gender, and whether it is for the Open Championships or Single Lift Championships. For example, a lifter weighing 105kg would need an 810kg total in the Open Championships. Check the British Powerlifting website for the full qualifying totals.

What Records Might Fall at the 2023 British Powerlifting Championships?

With British powerlifting on the rise and more lifters approaching elite strength levels, we could see some longstanding British records tested or broken at the 2023 Championships.

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In the Men’s 120kg+ class, the current British squat record has stood at 380kg since 2016. With lifters like George Norris now capable of squatting over 400kg, that record may finally go down.

Other vulnerable British records include the Women’s 84kg+ deadlift record at 272.5kg and the Men’s 93kg bench press record at 245kg. Both records date back over 10 years. But the new generation of British powerlifters seems poised to take them down.

How Can You Follow the Action at the 2023 British Championships?

There are several ways to keep up with all the happenings at the 2023 British Powerlifting Championships:

  • Check the British Powerlifting website and social media for news, announcements, results, and streaming information as the event approaches.
  • Attend in person if you can! Tickets will be available closer to the event for those who want to experience it live.
  • Watch the live stream for free online to see every lift.
  • Follow the #Brits23 hashtag on social media for updates from lifters and fans at the competition.
  • Subscribe to British Powerlifting on YouTube to see highlight videos after the event.

Don’t miss out on any of the exciting action!

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What’s at Stake at the 2023 British Powerlifting Championships?

The British Championships crown the best powerlifters across weight classes and age groups every year. Lifters compete for prestige, national titles, and a chance to represent Great Britain at international competitions.

Beyond pride and glory, British Powerlifting uses the Championships to select the Great Britain team for the IPF World Championships in 2023. Top performers will earn a spot to compete on powerlifting’s biggest global stage.

With national and international team spots on the line, British powerlifters will leave nothing in the tank. They’ll look to set new personal records and national records as they pursue British Champion status.

Event DetailsKey StorylinesHow to Follow
Dates: October 31st – November 1st, 2023Who will be crowned the 2023 British Champions?Attending in person is highly recommended for fans who can make it
Location: Birmingham, EnglandWill we see historic British records broken?Watch the free live stream online to see every lift
Competitions: Open British Championships and Single Lift British ChampionshipsCan the next generation of lifters upset the established veterans?Follow the #Brits23 hashtag on social media for real-time updates
Qualifying totals required to competeWhich young talents will emerge as future stars?Subscribe to British Powerlifting on YouTube for highlight videos
Top lifters like Michael Eagle and Jessica Bufton expected to competeWho will earn international team spots for the 2023 IPF Worlds?Attending in person is highly recommended for fans who can make it.

How Did the 2022 British Championships Play Out?

At the 2022 British Powerlifting Championships in Bolton, England, we saw some brilliant lifting across the various divisions.

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In a highlight, Louise Mansfield took gold and broke the British squat record with a 242.5kg lift in the Women’s 84kg+ class. Fellow lifter Andy Davies also broke his British deadlift record by pulling 385kg.

The depth of British powerlifting was on full display, as 14 British records fell in total across the Championships. The title battles were intense, with Lifters like Russell Walker pushing himself to claim the Men’s 105kg class on the final deadlift.

After a compelling two days of competition, the 2022 British Champions were crowned across 25 different weight classes and age groups.

Why Is the British Powerlifting Championships a Must-Follow Event?

Here’s a recap of why the 2023 British Powerlifting Championships is a can’t-miss competition for powerlifting fans:

  • It brings together Britain’s top powerlifting talent all in one place. You’ll see the best lifters the country has to offer.
  • There will be fierce competition as lifters battle it out for national titles and international team spots. Expect an intense championship atmosphere.
  • With the rising level of British lifters, we’re likely to see historic British records tested or broken.
  • The Championships offer a glimpse into powerlifting’s future stars, like the young up-and-coming lifters hoping to make their mark.
  • You can follow along online or in person to support British lifters chasing glory.

Don’t miss out on the excitement of the 2023 British Powerlifting Championships!

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FAQS for British Powerlifting

Who is the British champion powerlifter?

There is no single current British champion powerlifter. British champions are crowned each year in various weight classes at the annual British Powerlifting Championships.

How do you compete in British powerlifting?

To compete in British Powerlifting, you must become a member of British Powerlifting and achieve qualifying totals at sanctioned competitions.

How much does a British powerlifting membership cost?

A full annual membership to British Powerlifting costs £45 for adults and £15 for juniors under 18.

Is British powerlifting drug tested?

Yes, British powerlifting competitions are drug-tested in compliance with IPF anti-doping rules. Lifters are subject to random testing.

Is creatine banned in Powerlifting?

No, creatine is not a banned substance in powerlifting. Both British Powerlifting and the IPF permit Creatine.

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